Writings on the Regiment

Account of the Attack on Fort Erie new blast   Transcription
Raid on Black Rock   Research
Casualties of the War of 1812   Web Database
A Letter From a 41st Officer on Prisoner Retaliation   Transcription
Surgeons of the 41st   Research
41st Mess Rules   Transcription
An 1811 Return of Arms, Accoutrements, etc.   Transcription
Disease Aboard the Transport Asia   Transcription
Fitzgerald's Memorial   Transcription
Memorial to Those Buried in North America   Transcription
Occupations of members of the 41st   Transcription
Major General Sir Isaac Brock and the 41st Regiment   Transcription
The Regiment, 1719 to Now   Research
The Battle of Portsmouth, 1783   Research
In Search of Reginald Heber   Research

Analysis of Casualty Rates of the 41st at
the Battle of Lake Erie

Pvt. Patrick Russell at Fort Meigs, 5 May 1813   Research
Lomax's History of the Services of the 41st (in progress)   Transcription
Court Martial of Lt. B. Bender   Transcription
A Detroit Prize List   Transcription
Last Casualty: Sergeant Charles Collins   Research
Shadrach Byfield's Journal   Transcription
Thomas Taylor's War   Research
Heroes on the River Canard   Research
The 41st in the War of 1812   Research
Kipling's Tribute to the Brown Bess   Poetry
Officers List for April 1812   Photograph

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The Regiment, 1719 to Now.

Compiled by Jim Yaworsky

Chapter 1: The Basic Facts

Chapter 2: The Regimental Insignia

Chapter 3: The Early Days: Campaigns of the 41st, Part 1

Chapter 4: The Shooting Starts...

Chapter 5, Part 1: We Catch up on the 24th & 69th to 1782

Chapter 5, Part 2: We Catch up on the 24th & 69th to 1815

Chapter 6: The 41st: Waterloo to the Crimea

Chapter 7: 41st in The Crimea

Chapter 8: Of Sikhs and Such

Chapter 9: More Victorian Stuff - sort of...

Chapter 10: The Welch Regiment, 1857-1881

Chapter 11: 24th Foot: The Zulu War, Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift, 1879

Chapter 12: 1881 to the present

Download the History of the Regiment, chapters 1-10, in unedited form (.pdf file)