Now Recruiting!


The Forty-First is always looking for new men to join our ranks as soldiers.


The qualifications of the time period stated:

"The candidate needs only two teeth (for biting the tops off musket cartridges), two fingers that meet (to grasp the cartridges), and must be free of sores, body ulcers and other scrofulous imperfections"

In reality a candidate needs a sense of humour, a love of history, and an interest in making it come to life again through education and re-enactments. He must also be of the legal age, physically fit, of good moral character and able to afford the hobby.

The Forty-First is pleased to boast membership from as far away as Winnipeg to Pettawawa.  However most of our recruits can be found in one of these following centres.


Centre Division

With members in Hamilton, Simcoe and the Niagara Peninsula

Contact:  Ray Hobbs

Grand River Depot

With members in Brantford, Cambridge and Kitchener-Waterloo

Contact: Tom Fournier

Right Division

With members in Windsor, Detroit and Ann Arbor

Contact: Jim Yaworsky


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