Past Lecturers
The 41st MLHG wishes to thank all lecturers for giving of their time and expertise to our hobby.


The War of 1812 Through Native Eyes by Wolf Thomas

Sheaffe's Shambles : Marching in Reverse to Victory at Queenston Heights by Robert Malcomson

Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor by Victor Suthren

Heroes, Skulkers or Rogues? The Canadian Soldier in the War of 1812 by Jim Hill

Cottonbalers! The 7th Infantry: A Perspective of a US Army "Old Line" Regiment
During the War of 1812
by Steve Abolt

Methodies, Levellers and Thunkers:Religion and the War of 1812 in Upper Canada by Dr. T. R. Hobbs

Heroes Slighted: The 49th and Fitzgibon by Craig Williams

Musical Warriors: Musicians in the British Napoleonic Army by Ross Flowers

A Handful of Fir Built Frigates: The U.S. Navy and the War of 1812 by Ed Bolla

Forts and Families: Defense on the Niagara Frontier by Dr. Wesley Turner

A Dysfunctional Army Life in 1812 by Robert Henderson

Major General Sir Isaac Brock by Lt. Gen. Jonathon Riley, CB DSO PhD MA

Arise You Sons of Kentucky! Kentucky Soldiers in the War of 1812 by Rick Finch

A Different Kind of War! An Uneasy Life in the Thames Valley by Glenn Stott