Occupations upon enlisting in the 41st Regiment, from a list of 519 rank and file of the 1st Battalion Casualty Returns - January 25th 1810 to April 24th 1815. (WO 25 1768)

The occupation descriptions come from a variety of internet sites. The number in parentheses represents the number of individuals out of the 519 with that occupation.

Accountant (1): A person involved in maintenance and auditing of accounts and financial matters

Baker (5):  One who bakes bread and pastries

Barber (1):  A men's hairdresser

Basketmaker (2):  One who makes baskets

Blacksmith (6):  One who shoes horses

Brassfounder (2):  A person who cast brass

Bricklayer (1):  One who laid bricks

Brushmaker (2):  Someone who made brushes

Butcher (6):  One who prepared and sold meat for cooking

Buttermaker (1):  One who made butter

Calico Printer (1):  One who dyed and colored calico

Carpenter (4):  A skilled woodworker

Carpet Weaver (1):  A person who wove carpets

Chandler (1):  A grocer, dealer or trader; one who makes or sells candles

Clerk (2):  A general clerical work, also can mean clergyman, cleric

Cloth Draper (1):  A dealer in cloth or clothing and dry goods

Clothdresser (1):  Workers in the woollen industry who had the task of cutting the cloth after it had been in the fulling mill

Clothier (8):  A person who made or sold clothes

Coachmaker (1):  One who made coaches

Combmaker (1):  A person who made combs either for the textile industry for combing wool etc. or the maker of hair combs.

Cooper (2):  Someone who makes or repairs barrels or other vessels made of staves & hoops, such as casks, tubs, vats, etc

Coppersmith (1):  Someone who worked with copper or brass.

Cordwainer (27):  A shoemaker. Also a person who worked with Cordovan, a special soft leather from Spain.

Corkcutter (1):  A person who worked with cork

Cottonprinter (1):  One who dyed and coloured cotton

Cottonspinner (2):  One who worked at spinning cotton yarn

Cutter (1):  One who cuts things

Flintcutter (1):  One who shaped and cut flints

Gardener (2):  Someone who looked after gardens

Gunsmith (1):  One who made or repaired guns

Hairdresser (2):  One who cut and styled hair

Hosier (9):  A retailer of stockings, socks, gloves, nightcaps

Labourer (290):  Someone who did general work, usually lifting and carrying etc

Mason (9):  A stone dresser or cutter

Miller (2):  One who operated a mill; grain, cloth, timber etc.

Miner (9): Someone who works in a mine, digging for coal, iron, lead, tin ore, etc.

Muslin Weaver (1): Someone who made muslin.

Nailer (3):  One whose occupation is to make nails; a nail maker

Papermaker (1): Someone who worked in the paper making industry

Plaisterer (2):  Someone who plasters walls and ceilings, or someone who worked with roman cement used in stuccoing

Plater (1):  A skilled worker who coats articles with a film of metal (usually silver or gold), alternately a blacksmith who works with racehorses

Plumber (1):  Someone who worked with lead, for gas and water pipes etc. One who applied sheet lead for roofing and set lead frames for plain or stained glass windows

Potter (3):  Someone who made or sold pottery.

Printer (1):  Someone who works at or owns a printing press

Ringcaster (1):  One who made rings

Ropemaker (3): Someone who makes rope.

Sawyer (2):  A carpenter, one who saws timber to boards

Shearman (3):  Someone who sheared cloth or metal, or skilled worker who sheared the nap from cloth

Shipwright (2):  A constructor or repairer or ships; a shipbuilder

Shopman (1):  A person engaged in retail sale

Silkweaver (1):  Someone who wove silk.

Sizer (1):  Someone who applies size to textiles

Slater (1):  A roofer or roof tiler who used slate tiles.

Smith (4):  A metal worker

Swordhiltmaker (1):  Someone who made sword hilts

Tailor (10): Someone who made or repaired clothes.

Tallow Chandler (1):  Someone who made or sold candles

Tinman (1):  A tinsmith or tinker

Turner (2):  A person who turns wood on a lathe into spindles

Watch Chain Maker (1):  A maker of watch chains

Weaver (50):  Someone who weaves

Wheelwright (3):  A maker or repairer of wagon wheels, carriages

Whitesmith (6):  A tinsmith; worker of iron who finishes or polishes the work

Woolcomber (4):  Someone employed in the woollen mills to operate the machines that separate the fibres ready for spinning