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The 41st Regiment of Foot was about to be withdrawn to Europe after a long posting in the Canadas, when the outbreak of the War of 1812 caused a change of plans. As the only full British Regiment in Upper Canada in 1812, the 41st comprised the main part of Brock's force which captured Detroit in August 1812, and the main component of the British force which avenged his death at Queenston Heights that October.

With the arrival of other British Units, the majority of the 41st found itself sent to the Detroit/western Lake Erie region, where, under Procter's somewhat inept leadership, and in alliance with an Indian confederacy the main personality of which was Tecumseh, the 41st participated in hard action at Frenchtown the River Raisin in January of 1813, then the seiges of Fort Meigs and a futile assault on Fort Stevenson, Ohio. This was followed by 150 soldiers serving as marines on Barclay's squadron at the Battle of Lake Erie: finally, the remnant of the Regiment endured the ill-organized retreat which ended in disaster for British arms at Moraviantown in October of 1813.

The remnants of the 1st battalion being merged with the 2nd battalion, the 41st soldiered on, participating in the capture of Fort Niagara and the "winter raids" of December 1813, then the Battle of Lundy's Lane, a raid on Black Rock, and the The Seige of Fort Erie in 1814. For the balance of 1814, the 41st garrisoned Fort Niagara. The regiment was withdrawn to Lower Canada in late 1814, then sent to Europe, arriving a few weeks late to participate at Waterloo, but in time to enjoy 'gay Paree"...quite the change from what they were used to but a short time before in the backwoods of Upper Canada! The 41st won more battle honours (4) than any other British unit in the War of 1812.

After the War of 1812, many former members of the Regiment, both musketmen, NCOs and Officers, returned to the Canadas to settle, and lead productive lives in the growing colony. Amongt those who did were, Major Adam Muir, Lieutenant Jacob Geale, Lieutenant Thomas Taylor, Surgeon Alexander Thom, Privates Zephaniah De Witt (originally from Pennsylvania), and Dennis Noonan. Ptes. De Witt and Noonan were old soldiers, having served in the Regiment for 16 and 10 years respectively. The Forty First MLHG is proud to have these geographical connections to the original regiment.

The 41st Regiment of Foot Military Living History Group was founded in 1987 and incorporated as a not-for-profit charitable organization in 1990. The Regiment recruits over a wide area, and has members currently living as far apart as the Windsor/Detroit area, and the Hamilton/Toronto area. We have well-developed sources of information on the historic 41st and can provide introduction to excellent sources of supply for all of an infantryman's necessities.



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