The Regiment, 1719 to Now.

Episode 10: The Welch Regiment, 1857-1881 (lifted almost verbatim from Regiment Magazine)

After recuperating from Crimean action in England, at Portsmouth in 1857 the 41st embarked for the West Indies to serve in garrison at Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica until April 1860. Sent back home, they were in Sheffield in 1862 when the Regiment received from the Queen a white billygoat from the Royal herd as replacement for its Russian goat which had died in the West Indies.

In Ireland until 1865, the Regiment then embarked for India, where it served until 1874, spending a year in the Aden garrison, returning to the UK in March 1875.

Service then included some time in Pembrokeshire (the south-west tip of Wales), then in 1880, 7 months in the Gibraltar garrison. The Regiment was then sent to Natal (just after Rorke's Drift etc.). This is where the Regiment was stationed when, in July 1881, it was united with the 69th to form the 1st and 2nd battalions, The Welch Regiment. The reorganization saw the shifting of one militia regiment (Royal Glamorgan Light Infantry Militia) and 4 South Wales Rifle Volunteer Corps, all of whom became affiliated as Volunteer Battalions of the Regiment as well. A new Regimental Depot was established at the then recently completed Maindy Barracks in Cardiff.

The 41st had thus well and truly migrated to Wales & became a Welsh unit by this time. The Regimental Museum is, of course, now in Cardiff Castle, which is where all must aspire to journey at some point in order to see such glories as the 4th U.S. Infantry's Colors (captured at Detroit, August 18, 1812), Russian drums captured at Inkerman in the Crimean War, etc., etc.


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