The Regiment, 1719 to Now.

EPISODE 9: More Victorian Stuff - sort of...

After the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the 69th remained in India until February 1826, involved in service expanding and consolidating British influence, and in particular, service in the Mahratta War 1817-20. The Regiment was awarded the Battle Honour "INDIA" in recognition of its extensive services. The Regiment served garrison duty in England until 1831, then the West Indies and Demerara, South America (1831-38), Nova Scotia (1839-42) and then England until 1847. The Regiment was in Malta from 1847 to 1851, then the West Indies until 1857. Within six months, they were shipped to Burma, being the first Regiment sent to the Far East via the overland route through Egypt. In 1864-67 they were back in England. In 1867, they were sent to Canada. In 1870, the 69th routed a Fenian incursion on the US-Canada border, earning battalion members the Canada General Service Medal. Later that year, the Regiment was sent to Bermuda, then in 1873, to the Gibraltar garrison. In 1878 the Regiment returned to England, where in July 1881, it was redesignated as the 2nd Battalion, the Welch Regiment.



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